I have an LM2576-adj configured to step down 12V regulated output from a wall wart to around 5V-ish (see schematic). On the 5V output I have a 0.1 ohm sensing resistor (Rsc) to measure the output current. The voltage differential across Rsc is fed to an op-amp set up as a differential amplifier, with a gain G = 91K/820 = 110.98. The op-amp's V+ is the same 12V output from the wall wart, and V- is GND.

The problem I'm having is that if I use TLC272 for the op-amp, then the op-amp output would be the same as the 5V output from LM2576, even when there's no current flowing through Rsc, and the TLC272 heats up very fast. But if I use TL082 then everything works as expected. I'm not an expert at EE and I have no idea why the same circuit works for one op-amp but not the other. What are the differences between these two op-amps, and which parts of the datasheet should I look at to avoid similar problems in the future?

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