I have three disparate solar panels with the following properties (listed on panels or from instructions):

  1. 'Tall' panel: max power voltage 17.6V, max power current 1.14 A, max power 20W p +- 3% (unknown if it has diode; assume it doesn't)
  2. 'Short' panel: Vpm 18V, Ipm 1.11A, Voc 21.6V, Pmax 20W, Isc 1.22A (doesn't have diode)
  3. 'Fat' panel (TPS 936A): Peak output power: 13W, Max voltage power: 17.5V, Max current power: 735mA (appears to have a diode)

I have two disparate charge controllers (I don't mind if only one is used):

  1. Default charge controller (unmarked/unidentified) that comes with the TPS 936A solar panel; has a 4A fuse. You can see an image of this charge controller at the bottom of this PDF here: https://maplindownloads.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/N00CX-instructions-3716.pdf
  2. Model TPS-555 charge controller (simply marked '12V/30A') for TPS 1230 solar panel

Finally, 'one' battery:

  1. Sealed 2 * 6v 5Ah (which is designed to act like a 12v battery). Has a 25amp fuse.

Is there an optimal combination?

Is there any way to unify such a system (both charge controllers need not be used) to power the same battery? If not, what is the optimal combination?

Please be aware I'm not electrically savvy, so feel free to break it down into layman's terms.


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