I want to connect a LiPo 11.1V battery pack with HX-3S-01 BMS board to my circuit.

I found some other boards with separate power input and and output. But this one has only one (Charge/Discharge P+-).

Will my circuit work?

enter image description here

Also I placed mosfet Q5 for reverse polarity protection from battery and terminal. But I am not sure if the battery board has such protection.

And one more thing: The board description says:

"Maximum operating current: 5-8A"

If I use 3 batteries 3400mAh each - what max charge current will flow? Will SS34 diode (with 3A max) be ok? (I've never worked with batteries before and want to be sure my PCB traces are big enough).

Note: In the diagram I omitted regulator capacitors. Load typical current consumption 300mA (max 750mA).


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