I had an old laptop LCD screen with part number N154I2-L05 . It has 6 bit 1 channel LVDS connector input slot. so I have decided to use it instead of letting covered in dust, and I ordered an universal LCD driver board ( Model MT561-MD ) and it turns out that this board only support LVDS signals of 6 bit 2 channels or 8 bit 1 channel and 8 bit 2 channels.

I have maped the LVDS cable to match the datasheet of the screen and the LCD driver board and everything sounds to be correctly plugged but yet I cannot get the screen display anything, I just seen random lines here and there.

I think that the problem is that the board is giving a differing output of what LCD is supposed to get as input, so my question how to convert the 6 bit 2 channel signal to 6 bit 1 channel signal in order to get the screen working properly ?


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