I'm trying to design a stub-filter, and I'm stuck on realizing the filter design using Richard's transformations and Kuroda identities.

I'm building a 5th order Chebyshev LP-filter for 2.6 GHz pass-band and 3.3 stop-band filter (=2.95GHz cut-off is fine).

Using the prototype values I calculated the values for Richard's transformation

Ideal components filter prototype component values

\$Lambda/8 = 1.39828575 cm\$

\$Z1 = Z5 = 1/0.7563 = 1.3222...\$

\$Z2 = Z4 = 1.3049\$

\$Z3 = 1/1.5773 = 0.63399...\$

And at this point the circuitry would look like

And after running the Kuroda identities, it would look like Kuroda identities done

I'm trying to figure out what I need to do in order to get to making an actual layout in ADS, how I should choose my width/etc. The only know I know from the dimensions is the length \$l\$ which I calculated to be about \$1.398cm\$. Basically, the last picture I'd just multiply by the Zs/ZL (which is 50 Ohms) to get the actual resistances of stubs and lines, but I do not know how I should proceed to make an actual stubb filter circuit in ADS with this, considering that I don't know much about choosing the other dimensions that are not as given.


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