I am building an audio circuit. I would like it to have XLR as an input (as well as others). It needs at least 12 Volts to operate. To drive my operational amplifiers, I am using a rail splitter with a TLE2426 to create a virtual ground. This is recommended when using OpAmps with AC voltage like audio.

My input voltage to the circuit is 12 Volt DC. I use the rail splitter to get +-6 Volts. Now this is not sufficient for the XLR input. It needs at least 12 Volts. My question is what do I need to attach to the XLR input circuit's ground to get a working solution. (See attached circuit) I believe so far it is connected to +6 Volts. I'm not sure I can connect the GND in the XLR input circuit to -6 Volts because I use the virtual GND all of the other circuits.

Thanks for your time.

I know this is not a very complex issue, but I'm afraid of sending off the Board to manufacturing after another failure.

Power supply circuit that makes the virtual ground.

XLR input circuit. The +6 Volts should be 12 Volts to drive the circuit.


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