I am planning to use PIC18F26K83 and communicate with a smart battery that uses SMBus ver 1.1. So from the datasheet of PIC it says I need to choose appropriate input threshhold for SMBus from RxyI2C register. Bit 0 and 1 are being used for choosing that threshold but there is no information for SMBus ver 1.1 (See below.).

TH<1:0>: I2C Input Threshold Selection bits

11 = SMBus 3.0 (1.35 V) input threshold

10 = SMBus 2.0 (2.1 V) input threshold

01 = I2C specific input thresholds

00 = Standard GPIO Input pull-up, enabled via INLVLxy registers

And over the internet I couldn't find input threshold for SMBus v1.1. So my question is:

What is the input threshold voltage for SMBus v1.1? Or how should I set related bits in order to use SMBus v1.1 from RxyI2C register?


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What is the input threshold voltage for SMBus v1.1?

It is 2.1 V just like SMBus v2.0. Here is an extract of the SMBus v1.1 specification confirming this:

SMBus v1.1 DC parameters

(Image source: Section 8.2.1 SMBus v1.1 specification)


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