I have this part, which is the only component that has discernable discolouration, and which I would like to replace:

Photo of faulty IC

on the PCB of a non-functioning SMPS (12 V 3 A):

Photo of bottom of SMPS PCB

The only markings on it are '63 613' and a search shows up only this: New original power management chip 63513 63 513 63613 SMD 6 foot power IC straight shot, but no data sheets seem to be available (unless I need to be searching for something other than "63613").

Does anyone know of an alternative name/code/identifier for this IC? Or a suitable replacement?

Here is a better close up photo:



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Looking for ic markings starting with 63, the OB2263 and twins HT2263 and another duplicate seem a very good candidate.

The first datasheet shows Marking Information "63 YWW" which would be 2006, week 13.

enter image description here

My assumptions:

  • Gate pin is connected by 22 ohm resistor and anti-parallel diode to a through-hole mosfet.
  • FB pin and GND pin are connected to through-hole optocoupler located below silkscreen text D4 (like TYPICAL APPLICATION in datasheet). Note C3 on the PCB is the capacitor close to the optocoupler in TYPICAL APPLICATION.
  • R5 and C1 form a RC filter connected to the SENSE pin
  • the through-hole component between silk R1 and R2 is an elco, and forms with R1 a filter for the power supply to the chip as in TYPICAL APPLICATION.
  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks for the analysis. I have added an additional photo showing the 63613 more clearly \$\endgroup\$ – Greenonline Mar 28 at 3:00

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