I am working on an Active Clamp Forward converter. Schematic is given here: P-spice model of forward converter


  1. Output voltage-5V
  2. Input voltage 26..42V
  3. frequency=500KHz
  4. Output power=10W

It is working fine in open loop, but in closed loop I am getting a ripple in output Voltage of 2.5 Volts Peak to peak.

Voltage waveform is given below: waveformOutput voltage

I have designed controller considering settling time and load disturbance rejection. Here is the bode plot of my plant Gvd(s) and my plant+Controller.Bode Plots What should I do to reduce the ripple in output voltage.

Note1: to implement the controller TL431 and opto-coupler 4N25 are used.

Note2: No ripple is seen in the simulation.


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