I'm doing a project using SIM800L ebay module.I can send & receive SMS & calls.

The problem is, on workbench its working, but in actual site environment when the GSM signal is low & it disconnects & it won't connect to the network.

After I restart the module's power it works again and then disconnects aain. When I dial from my mobile to the GSM module it says "not reachable." Is there any way to make the module ready all the time without disconnecting when in low signal areas?

Power supply = 4V/2A.

When power up I only set the below AT commands.

  • ATE0 //echo off

  • CMGF=1 //SMS format text

  • AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0 //Command to receive live sms

  • Wait for button press to send SMS or wait for incoming call.

I use the spiral antenna which comes with the module.

See the below link.



Try AT+CBAND="ALL_BAND". Try to sennd it after connection is established. The data sheet states that this setting is stored in the non-volatile memory but in my case it didn't so I made part of the connection script.

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