When load was varying very little, PV supply was turned ON. Inverters used can give power factor(PF) in the range of [-0.8, -1] and [0.8, 1.0]

Table 1 shows power requirement when only grid was supplying power. When PV supply was given, reactive power requirement shot up by 16kW. Inverters couldn't give more reactive power, but will load consume more reactive power just because power is coming from different sources?

Table 1:

Power consumption when only grid is supplying

Table 2:

When both grid and PV Inverters are supplying

Please note:

i)PV is connected to 430V Bus with 300meter long wire

ii) Some inverters are around 300 to 1000 meters away from bus

  • \$\begingroup\$ I think the distance from the buses to each inverter is causing the increased reactive power requirement, you must have a big voltage drop in one/some of your buses as you get close to the load. The easiest solution would be to compensate with a capacitor near the load, just use the reactive power discrepancy to find a suitable impedance and then from the frequency you can obtain a capacitance value. \$\endgroup\$ – Juan Apr 12 at 5:29

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