I am trying to find out specifications of a thermister on which "10P" is printed. Its resistance at room temp. is 18 Ohms when the circuit is power off. How can I find out its specifications?PTC Thermister 10P

This is the approx. circuit where this PTC thermister is used. What is the purpose of using a thermister in this circuit?

PTC Thermister circuit


The company who makes these is called ampron, its a Chinese company which means that documentation is hard to find, and they might have to be contacted directly.

enter image description here

As far as the use of the PTC it is most likely used as a current limiter for C20. As the current through C20 increases the PTC heats up and increases it's resistance. This would also change the filter pole of L1/C20 as temperature increases. Why it's there exactly, I don't know.


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