I use a BQ24195 chip as a charger. The datasheet is available here:


I need to identify if the USB is connected and if it is connected, in which of the following modes is it adjusted?

  • SDP (Standard downstream port)
  • CDP (Charging downstream port)
  • DCP (Dedicated charging port)

Detecting USB seems easy. I can use the condifion

if (REG8[7,6] == 01)

according to page 32.

But, I have no clue how to detect SDP, CDP or DCP? Reading from or writing to the D+/D- is crazy. I cannot tell the program to wait some milliseconds in real-time to check a timeout. While, I expect the BQ24195 chip detects it by its own. Does it do that? If it does, how to detect it (without any delay in the processor codes)?

Note: There is a DCD (Data Contact Detection) in page 13 of the manual. But, I do not understand, if this is what the chip does for us or this is what they expect out code does (e.g. via blocking the application)?


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