I am totally new in the field of DAC's and I2S. I salvaged this board from a DVD player and is well documented. There are three data lines DATA1..DATA3 that will be used for DATA1=Front Left/Right, DATA2=Rear Left/Right and DATA3=Center/Woofer. This is used to produce 5.1 surround sound.

Surround sound is not what I require so I want to use only one data channel (left and right) to start with. To produce the I2S data, I will use an ESP8266EX to feed the DAC. The documentation of Expressif described the following pins to be used by I2S: esp-i2c-pins

To me it is clear that I need three pins, the last three mentioned in the list above. However when I look at the schematics of the salvaged board, I cannot figure out which pins I need to use (except ADATA1). Or maybe it is not possible, needs an extra step or something however these connections are very clear, simply breakouts to the pins of the DAC.

Are these namings priority or is it commonly used or another name for the same and can somebody explain what I need to use or is it impossible? In the datasheet of the DAC it describes it will support Standard, I2S, and Left-Justified like the ESP8266EX does so why do they need so many pins on this board? Or do I miss something, overlook something (i suppose, I guess ;-) ).

Any ideas?

Some pictures: top of board-dvd-dac bottom of board-dvd-dac

The schematics: top of board-dvd-schematics DAC-pinout-upside-down


  • The second schematic/pinout is upside down to correspond with the second picture. It is the same serie however another chip but it seems the pin layout is for all the same.
  • I have also the power board (and datasheet of it) so there are no issues to apply the correct voltages and current.

Sources I have used:


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