I just broke my sewing machine (it's an old Viktoria machine about 30-40 years old) and now I am looking for a replacement safety capacitor. The one installed is a RIFA PME 271 M 547 paper capacitor.

I have looked online and found a replacement on ebay RIFA KONDENSATOR 275V~ SH 47n X2 PME271M 40/100/56/C or this one EVOX RIFA - PME271M547M - CAPACITOR, CLASS X2, 0.047UF.

My problem is, that the old Capacitor has a different number sequence.

Old Capacitor

It's a bit hard to see but it reads 40/065/56 while all capacitors I found had 40/100/56. I tried to find out the meaning of this values but could not find an answer.


  • Is it ok to buy the capacitors I found?
  • What do these numbers mean?

Any answer is appreciated


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I would not be replacing a failed RIFA cap with an Ebay example of the same part of unknown age.

These old parts are notorious for failing in a cloud of foul smelling smoke, generally 30+ years after being made, basically the housing cracks, moisture gets in and it all goes sideways.

The original is a 47nF 250V Class X2 cap.

Farnell have R463F247050N0K for less then your ebay part, that is coming from a proper distributor and will be of recent manufacture.

Basically the important things for a cap in this role are that it be class X2, and rated for at least 250V, capacitance is not that critical.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks. Is there any benefit in buying the pme271m547. They are 3 times as expensive, but since I have to pay $6 for shipping to Germany I would not mind spending a bit more, if it helps. \$\endgroup\$
    – beronir
    Commented May 9, 2019 at 16:02

The ‘new’ Evox Rifa are made by Kemet, but kept the Rifa brand name. Just because a eBay listing says Evox Rifa, don’t presume they are old stock. Rifa is a EU high quality made capacitor. They are pricey because of their quality. These capacitors can last well over 40 years.


Search for PME271M547 by Farnell or other supplier.

Ref: RIFA GPC PME271M547 0.047 µF fo=7.0 MHz 250V

It is quite easy to find.

If used for interference suppression could (verify before!) be replaced by 0.047 µF / 100 Ω 600V~


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