Please consider the schematic:

MAX1645B Test Circuit

The MAX1645B is a level 2 battery charger. My problem is with the P-Channel MOSFETs. There are two P-Channel MOSFETs in the above circuit.

From the datasheet:

  • The source switch P1 is controlled by PDS. This P-channel MOSFET is turned on when CVS rises to 300mV above BATT and turns off when CVS falls to 100mV above BATT. [...]
  • Load switch P2 is controlled by PDL. This P-channel MOSFET is turned off when the CVS rises to 100mV below BATT and turns on when CVS falls to 300mV below BATT.

My problem: I think these P-Channel MOSFETs aren't in the correct Source-Drain direction.


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