When I create a new cavity with dimensions:

  • Air:

    • a= 90 (mm, from X=0 to a)
    • b= 40 (mm, from Y=0 to b)
    • d= 300 (mm, from Z=0 to d)
  • Aluminum:

    • a+2 (from X=-1 to a+1)
    • b+2 (from Y=-1 to b+1)
    • d+2 (from Z=-1 to d+1)

Ports: in Z axis

  • Positive: Z=0, X from a/2-1 to a/2+1, Y from b/2-1 to b/2+1
  • Negative: Z=300, X from a/2-1 to a/2+1, Y from b/2-1 to b/2+1

Eigenmode solver from 1.5 GHz to 4GHz

  • Tetrahedral mesh type gives me the "mesh is empty" error. IDK why since there's air in there and it's supposed to give me the theoretical data when the cavity isn't perturbed.
  • Hexedral mesh type gives me "The calculation domain is completely filled with metal (PEC). Please check background material settings and layer properties" error. I know the background material is PEC but IDK why is such a big deal here.

I am supposed to get frequencies for TE_10p for p=1,3,5 such us 1,7388 GHz, 2,2407 GHz and 3,0025 GHz respectively but I can't get any results if I'm still getting these errors.

And using a friend's template I get numbers that are even bigger than these results (which are the theoretical results I am supposed to get, and are similar to those I got in experimentally).

I tried modifying all kind of stuff but I'm still very lost. I can share the files if needed.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Contact the software supplier first. \$\endgroup\$ – Andy aka May 14 at 11:14
  • \$\begingroup\$ I can't, the license expired on February. And I'm not sure they'll answer these concrete questions, rather than bugs or things like that. IMO this is probably not a bug but something I'm doing wrong (I don't know what exactly). \$\endgroup\$ – Mr X May 14 at 11:31

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