I'm trying to understand what ST recommends for decoupling caps for STM32F030CC.

The diagram in the datasheet shows "2x100 nF" caps on the Vdd/Vss pairs. Does this mean 2 parallel 100nF caps per Vdd/Vss pair? Or are they referring to the total number of 100nF caps needed, i.e. if there are 2 Vdd/Vss pairs then it's 1 100nF cap per Vdd/Vss pair, for a total of 2 100nF caps?

STM32F030 datasheet

power supply schematic from the STM32F030 datasheet


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They are referring to the total number of capacitors needed.

ST has a useful document: "AN4325 - Getting started with STM32F030xx and STM32F070xx series hardware development"

Inside, it is a bit more clear:

enter image description here

And they explain it directly in Section 5.4:

enter image description here


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