Location: West Bengal, India. Electrical Supply: 220v AC. I am setting up a network camera system for home surveillance. All installations will be done by trained electricians and integrators. I noticed that both the NVR and the PoE switch comes with a nail/pin/connector at the back.
Hardware List: 1. NVR-Hikvision. 2. PoE Switch-Tenda. 3. IP Camera-Hikvision(2 to be installed additional 6 planned). 4. Monitor- 16 inch LED. 5. Ethernet Cable- 60 meters Category 6, S/FTP. 6. Omnidirectional microphone, RCA and power cable(6 meters)

Question 1. How should I use the earthing feature? What earthing plug and wire to use? My primary plan is to get an ESD plug, wound some wire around these connectors and attach them to the ESD, which will be plugged into a wall outlet(earthing) or the UPS. Question 2. What power outlet specifications to use for the monitoring station?

Many thanks for your time. A Galib


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