I started a new project for a pic 32 (pic32mx470f512l) with MCC.

And now i want to use the function SYSTEMConfigPerformance to optimize the performance of the pic.

It happens that i'm not able to find the library that has it.

The main of my code:

#include "mcc_generated_files/mcc.h"
#include "xc.h"
                         Main application
int main(void)
    // initialize the device
    #define GetSystemClock() 60000000 
    while (1)
        // Add your application code


    return -1;

Maybe that function doesn't work with MCC


Looks like you need PIC32 Peripheral Library

Starting with XC32 V1.40, PIC32MX peripheral support libraries are no longer installed as part of the compiler’s installation. These libraries are now installed as a second setup, after the installation of XC32 compiler.


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