I have a signal generator (Digital Dual Channel Funktion Signal Generator) and want to generate two signals (530 and 550 Khz signal) and want to transmit these generated signals to the points on a table (see picture bellow) one by one.

I don't know, how a signal generator works. I think, when i generate a signal it transmits the signals to everywhere. But i want to send the signal only to certain points on table.

The distance between the points on table and signal generator is one meter.

Is that possible? if yes, how?


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Short of running wires either the full way or to capacitive pads or coils at the points in question, this is not possible with electromagnetic waves at your frequencies of interest, because you cannot get the kind of spatial precision you want when the wavelength is so large.

It might with extreme effort be possible with ultrasound, or by using two microwave frequencies that would mix in a chosen non-linearity to produce a difference frequency.

But realistically, whatever your unclear goal is, transmission of low frequency RF signals to particular points in space is the wrong way to try to do it.

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