Anyone facing the same issue? How this could be fixed? Tried to do a clean install, but it doesn't help. I'm on Windows 10 with all the recent updates.

altium dark 3d preview

altium black footprints

  • \$\begingroup\$ That looks a bit like a single-layer view. Did you try pressing Shift-S a few times? If you did your clean install, did you also remove all configuration files that might have been just loaded again? \$\endgroup\$ – asdfex Jun 26 at 9:20

It seems it's due to Parallels VM which I use for running Windows 10 & Altium on my Mac.


Since this version is relatively new, I wouldn't rule out a bug. I am currently using 19.0.14 and have no problems.

The only thing I could image that your graphics card does not support DirectX 10.

Check here the System requirements: https://www.altium.com/documentation/19.1/display/ADES/Altium+Designer+-+((System+Requirements))


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