I'm working in an "All-in-One pc" project. For that, I have an old Dell laptop (which only works with DC adapter) and a 21" LG monitor. My question is: How can I connect the LCD panel directly on the motherboard? I'm looking for a cable pinout that I could use. With that I hope I could:

-Save the HDMI port of the motherboard for a second monitor when necessary.

-Eliminate circuit boards and save space

-Have only one ON/OFF button

-Have only one DC adapter.

This is the Dell motherboard DNE40-CR datasheet DNE40 LCD1 connector pinout And the LCD panel LM230WF3 datasheet LG panel connector pinout

I need some help reading those pinouts, but I already know the motherboard has more connections than I need, so we could ignore webcam and microphone. I noticed some differences, the LCD requires 5V and the motherboard supply only 3,3V. Maybe a jumper though USB +5V could fix it?


You need to disassemble the monitor to get the LCD panel out. You won't need the power supply board or the HDMI/VGA/whatever controller board. (carefull of high voltages, even unplug from power, the capacitors of the power board can kill you.)

The monitor panel has (probably) a LVDS interface. Your laptop connects to LCD using a LVDS interface (if it's an old one from before ~2012) or a eDP if it's a newer laptop. If it's eDP you will need LVDS to eDP converter board, which are very uncommon. If it's LVDS you just need to do cable work to connect the interface correctly.

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  • \$\begingroup\$ for voltage yes a jumper wire would do the trick to get 5V from the board \$\endgroup\$ – PaddleStroke Jul 7 at 15:19

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