I have programmed a small software to control an LED strip using an esp. I've written a web app which sends a request to the esp which then applies the color. So far everything works, but I've got a weird problem:

When I'm running the software on the NodeMCU, everything is fast and snappy, the web app takes 500ms at max to load. When I'm running the software from an ESP-12f (schematic), it takes way longer to load, about 5 seconds. Sometimes it doesn't even load at all.

Another thing that's weird: I've got two ESP-12f, one of those won't even load very often.

I also have the feeling that the "normal" esps run hotter than the nodemcu, but that could be because they are close to the voltage regulator which gets hot

Here's the code, I've deleted some minor things that don't use the server or wifi features for readability


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