I have been trying to read in values from the ADC of the Psoc 4700s, but I have not been successful with producing results. I am using the 10 bit ADC described in this datasheet, but I still can't find any tutorials using this ADC. In my code I start the ADC, Start Conversion, and read, but I am still not getting any values. Here is some code that I am using:

 uint16 val = ADC_ReadResult_mVolts(0u);

However in the debug mode I am receiving optimized_out for the value of val, but other variables have values so I know that the debugger is working.


Update: I looked up the problem for receiving optimized_out for values and it was because the compiler was optimized and seemed to change something with the variables when debugging. I turned off the compiler optimization and the ADC works now also I took out the second line of code above since it is called in the third line. I do plan on turning on the compiler optimization back on when I am done debugging though.


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