I am using SMBus to monitor the battery, and could get all info I need, but when battery broadcast some critical info to the host, how should I be able to receive it? From the manual of the battery:

Whenever the Battery detects a critical condition, it takes the role of a bus master and sends AlarmWarning() message to the Host and/ or Charger. The Battery will broadcasts the AlarmWarning() message at 10 second intervals until the critical condition(s) has been corrected.

In CubeMX32, only limited SMBus functions are provided, such as

(++) HAL_SMBUS_EnableListen_IT() or alias HAL_SMBUS_EnableListen_IT() (++) HAL_SMBUS_DisableListen_IT() (++) HAL_SMBUS_EnableAlert_IT() (++) HAL_SMBUS_DisableAlert_IT()

for HAL_SMBUS_EnableListen_IT()

  * @brief  Enable the Address listen mode with Interrupt.
 * @param  hsmbus Pointer to a SMBUS_HandleTypeDef structure that contains
 *                the configuration information for the specified SMBUS.
 * @retval HAL status
 HAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_SMBUS_EnableListen_IT(SMBUS_HandleTypeDef *hsmbus)
  hsmbus->State = HAL_SMBUS_STATE_LISTEN;

  /* Enable the Address Match interrupt */
   SMBUS_Enable_IRQ(hsmbus, SMBUS_IT_ADDR);

  return HAL_OK;

How should I set the SMBUS_IT_ADDR here? default 0x00 for the host? when I run, it looks this function is not used by others...


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