There seem to be quite a few tutorials on internet on how to access register array of an optical mouse that stores image data from the optical sensor (this, for example, or this or this) however, they all employ ADNS-XXXX IC which documents the procedure to fetch data in its datasheet. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find a mouse with the same IC. The one's I've taken the pious endeavor of dissecting in last few days all had PAW35XX series IC from PixArt Imaging Inc. which doesn't make any reference to such command words in their datasheet and I'm unable to find a mouse with ADNS chips. Does anyone had any luck with exacting image data from PAW35xx series (or PAW3516-TJY1 IC to be specific) chip? Any other solution and/or work around?
Are mice with ADNS chips no longer available in the market?


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