I was trying to simulate a current mirror circuit for a parallel set of LEDs in a project that I am undertaking. However, before actually working with real parts, I wanted to simulate the circuit in Eagle (Since I have been learning on it). I found out that the LED model Eagle provides in its NgSpice library only has a voltage drop of 0.8V and I wanted to replace that LED with my Samsung LH351B LED. However, I don't understand how to go about this.

  1. First of all I couldn't find a Spice model for my LED. Samsung provides a PSpice model.

  2. Then I found the Spice code for standard red LEDs which would be closer to my LEDs but I don't understand how to use that code and where to insert it in Eagle to get access to a red LED that can be simulated. The code is something like -

*Typ RED,GREEN,YELLOW,AMBER GaAs LED: Vf=2.1V Vr=4V If=40mA trr=3uS
.MODEL DLED2 D (IS=93.1P RS=42M N=4.61 BV=4 IBV=10U
+ CJO=2.97P VJ=.75 M=.333 TT=4.32U)
  1. Is there any way I could make a normal (non-simulating) schematic for my circuit (because I have the right individual components, its just that they can't be simulated) and then somehow model the whole schematic to SPICE in Eagle? Does Eagle provide such functionality?

I honestly think, 2 would be the most straightforward way but can someone explain how to use the SPICE code and where to insert it in Eagle. Right now the LEDs use a DMOD model which is the standard 0.8V model.

Sorry if this question seems dumb, I just started using Eagle. My circuit is attached below for reference.

enter image description here


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