I'm looking for a way (in KiCad 5x) to build a Raspberry Pi HAT around a design that has already been completed. That is, I did not start with a Pi Hat TEMPLATE ... I hope to find a way to add it after the (schematic capture) phase. I need edge cuts , hole placement and connector alignment that is known to be correct. I see its easy if you start with a Pi HAT TEMPLATE but I need to get the dimensions right AFTER the design is completed. How could I do this in KiCAd?


Open pcbnew as a stand-alone application and load your completed board file.

Then, from the file menu, select "Append Board"

File:Append Board

Navigate to the location where your templates are stored. For me, that is /usr/local/share/kicad/template/ but it may be different on your system. You can find where by looking at the path in the "Preferences -> Configure Paths" menu.

Select Raspberry PI hat template

Select and open the raspberrypi_hat.kicad_pcb file.

This will import everything from the file. You will want to delete the extra components. Align your existing design with the connector and you should be set.

PI Hat template


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