I am designing a MEZ PCB and I need to connect the GBE coils to the assigned pins of single board computer's MEZ connector. My trouble is I do not want to use any more via for this connections. Hence, I want to connect coils with a different order (just the reverse), i.e.:

  • MX0+ to MDI3+
  • MX0- to MDI3-

  • MX1+ to MDI2+

  • MX1- to MDI2-

  • MX2+ to MDI1+

  • MX2- to MDI1-

  • MX3+ to MDI0+

  • MX3- to MDI0-

Would this work properly?

I will not use following part of the question for my situation, but for being this question a good reference to others, if I connect pins in more complex orders, i.e.:

  • MX0+ to MDI2+
  • MX0- to MDI2-
  • MX2+ to MDI0+
  • MX2- to MDI0- and so on..


  • MX0- to MDI0+
  • MX0+ to MDI0-
  • MX1- to MDI1+
  • MX1+ to MDI1- and so on.. would they work? Thank you for your answers.
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    \$\begingroup\$ Please state the transformer part number. But discrete gigabit transformers should be identical, so as long as it is not a magjack with integrated magnetics then pinout should not matter. \$\endgroup\$ – Justme Jul 29 at 7:57
  • \$\begingroup\$ I replaced the elder magjack with a newer smd one with integrated magnetics, it is 10GBE and part # is ARJE-1034 . Here is the datasheet eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/3/ARJE-1034-1073961.pdf . Just the MDI0 pins' layout is a little different, but gigabit transformers are seem to be identical in datasheet. \$\endgroup\$ – onrep Jul 29 at 8:16
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    \$\begingroup\$ If you're using a jack with integrated magnetics, then they must be connected 1:1, you can't start swapping things around randomly. Unless the PHY supports some sort of lane reversal configuration option, which is possible. \$\endgroup\$ – alex.forencich Jul 29 at 8:49
  • \$\begingroup\$ Thank you for your answers Dear Justme and @alex.forencich . Kind Regards. \$\endgroup\$ – onrep Jul 30 at 6:12

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