I'm taking a module at University that involves MPLab. I'm trying to get it setup at home and so far its been a little tricky. I've got my files from University which I've attached below - if there any help in regards to finding out what language toolsuite I need to use, then that would be great. If it helps, when I use the Project Wizard the device that it gives me is: PIC24FJ128GA010

Version: MPLAB IDE v8.87

My current issue with MPLAB

Each time I try build my files that I've attached, all I get is Build Failed. For my debugger I'm using Proteus VSM 7.8. I believe it's a compiler error - I don't believe I've got the correct compiler setup, or even setup a compiler at all.

Test Files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sekuzv92jsjpaht/testFiles.rar (these work fine on the University computers but when I try build from home it just fails).

I'm sorry if this is a little vague but I'm very new to MPLAB but I'd like to learn more of its features so I'm trying to get it working at home. I apologise in advance if I've not included the correct information and/or missed anything out, if I have, I'll add it as soon as possible. Many thanks.


The .map file that's part of the bundle you shared shows that the Microchip C30 compiler was used to build this project. Unfortunately I don't see what version of C30, but at least the compiler is known.

c:/program files/microchip/mplab c30/bin/../lib\libpic30-coff.a(crt1.o)
c:/program files/microchip/mplab c30/bin/../lib\libpic30-coff.a(crt0.o)
Program Memory Usage

There's a free version of C30 (no optimization) that can be downloaded and installed from Microchip's website. Give the latest version a try and see what happens.


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