I have 64640 HLX (24V/150W) halogen lamp with 24VAC/300W power source and I want to design a dimmer to control the halgen light. I have two solution in my mind: 1- DC solution : using PWM and power mosfet to drive the lamp 2- AC solution : using TRIAC and Potentiometer

Here is my concerns:

1-I don't know which solution is better in sense of stability, better control and heating issue.

2-About the DC solution, besides Rds(ON) what other parameters should I check for selecting right mosfet and mosfet driver? How important is the frequency of the PWM? I'm intending to use IRFP064N as power mosfet and TC4427 as mosfet driver. Are these good choose?

3- About AC solution, I've found lots of sample design for 220/110VAC dimmer and they use TRIAC and DIAC with a POT to dim the light, but I'm not sure if they work for 24VAC power supply since VBO of general DIACs are greater than 24V. Secondly I have no idea about selecting right value for snobber RC. Could you recommend a practical schematic for this solution?


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