I have an Altium design of a board which is 6U size. I want to mark 3U size on it using some line-drawing. As I don't have hands-on on Altium so struggling to do it.

How to know the size in Altium as I need to draw 100mm x 160mm 3U board? How to draw line for marking the above size?


I'm using Altium 17.1:

  • View/Board Insight - check Heads-up display: this displays the position of your cursor
  • Grids - Set global grid: you can set the snap grid to mm-s to makes positioning easier
  • Draw the lines on the layer you want (probably a mechanical layer)
  • You can also set the line coordinate in the line properties (double click, or right click, properties)
  • also you can use Place/Dimension/Linear to measure and display distances

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