I have lead Acid Battery which I found in my old stuff I took it out and check the readings with my multimeter the battery is completely dead so I opened the caps of the battery and put few drops of distilled water and then tried to charge it but it didn't work so I took acid from my big 200amps battery and put in my dead battery the battery started working but after 3 hours of charge it is losing volts quickly and not able to power small little dc motor the next day I put some more acid in it the battery is now able to run the motor little bit but when I charge it the battery sounds like boiling and caps pop up and volts quickly started decreasing fast. It is 6v 4.5ah battery but it charges not 10v when I give 6v or 8v on my power supply it wouldn't charge when I give it 10v it started charging and it gets hot from it's positive side but negative side remains cold.


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  • \$\begingroup\$ I found an old tyre on a rubbish pile that would fit my bike. I repaired the punctures it had and took it for a ride but I crashed when the tyre split open. \$\endgroup\$ – Andy aka Aug 17 at 11:49
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You have described a "scrap" / "dead" / "defunct" battery.

Take it to a proper recycling place / depot / center.


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