I am trying to send my data to HTTP server using GET method. When i am sending some hardcoded data manually it is getting stored in database successfully.


This is working fine and my data is getting stored successfully.

But when i am trying to send real time data i am unable to send it successfully. Let's say

float h = DHT.humidity;

float t = DHT.temperature;


It is storing the value as t and h instead of their real values. I tried some different methods also.






But i am getting error.

Can anyone please help me and tell me how should i send my data to make it getting saved successfully. Thanks in advance.


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When you split the print into several statements, the first one should not be a println, it should be just a print. If you want, the last print statement could be


In general, when trying to print a single line with embedded data you will use print() several times but only use println() once, at the end.


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