I’m new to electronics, could someone please list the contacts that belong to each number. e.g. COM1, COM2, NO1 etc.enter image description here

It’s a Taiss/JTX-2C, MK2P-I DPDT Power Relay with Plug-in Terminal Socket Base, DC 12V Coil, 8 Pin 2NO 2NC (Quality Assurance for 1 Years) DC 12V


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The diagram shows contacts in their normal state, and the slanting line shows the common contact. So you should be able to see that the pinout is:

  1. Coil
  2. NO1
  3. COM1
  4. NC1
  5. NC2
  6. COM2
  7. NO2
  8. Coil

You can't be sure which set of contacts is no. 1 and which is no. 2 but it doesn't matter as they're interchangeable.


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