As the scheme attached below, we're interconnecting 5.5 MW of generated power of upstream project(Around 2 km Away from the Interconnecting Switchyard) to the Generator Bus Bar(PV Bus Bar) on 11 kV Indoor Bus Bar of 19.5 MW project by step down the voltage through required rating of power transformer. Additionally, powerhouse of 5 MW and 19.5 MW are within the distance of 100 metres away from each other.

My concern is that during the transient condition, starting condition, faults and any other unforeseeable condition, will it hampers the three generator of 19.5 MW project?

Will the proposed scheme runs successfully or with any suitable modification or current scheme proposed, could we interconnect generated 5.5 MW of upstream project to 11 kv Bus Bar(Generator Bus Bar) of 19.5 MW project successfully without any problem?

Schematic Diagram of Interconnection At Switchyard


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