I need to use the typical design offered in the datasheet of the G5177c Designing Step Up Converter for a mini battery-powered project.

typical circuit G5177c

I bought a PCB with the circuit already built, but I would like to know how to modify the maximum output current. I think that depends on the setting on pin ILM01 as it says in the datasheet G5177c "Output Current Limit Setting"

I took some pictures to the PCB to ask the following:

G5177C PCB

1) Explain how to correctly select the resistance value 0 ~ 5 ohm, what is its function? (red pseudo-circle)

2) Why they used on this PCB an extra resistance between the VBAT and ILM01 pins (also in red pseudo-circle)

3) The LED and its resistance here are load indicator, how would its connection be, you can draw the schematic. I can't reverse engineer the PCB.

enter image description here


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