I have a Sony FCB series camera (1920x1080) and looking for a better interface protocol to connect it with processors like NXP, TI or any similar embedded processor.

The camera has a LVDS out port but I have seen that no processor has LVDS input, so we need some converter to connect it with processor available on the market?

Now I'm confused between MIPI CSI-2 and USB 3.0 interface.

  1. Which one faster? from both hardware and software (Linux operating system) perspective.
  2. CPU overhead difference?

Here the camera is not finalized one and I can choose the camera which can give direct CSI-2 or USB 3.0 so I don't have to look for the converter.


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CPU overhead depends mainly on how much processing the CPU can offload to other peripherals. A USB link requires the CPU to tell the USB controller to transfer data, a MIPI link requires the CPU to tell the MIPI controller to transfer data.

Neither protocol can be implemented without dedicated logic.


According to this thread, on an NXP iMX6 MCU, a MPI CSI interface camera uses approximately 8-15% of the MCU, whereas a USB3 interface camera uses approximately 50% of the MCU (YMMV).

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