I am an young student that was tasked to build a power supply which will convert single phase 230V AC into 80V DC to test specific DC motors (custom made). I only know that under normal operation and no load (e.g. parcel) it consumes around 1.3 Amps.

I ve tried make a circuit in multisim and failed several times. I can't find the right components (e.g. voltage regulator) that will do the trick.

I also don't know what method is better - convert 230AC to 110 AC, full bridge, filter and regulation down to 80V DC. Or i found transformer which steps down 230 AC to 50 or 60 V, then full bridge rectifier, then filter and regulator/dc booster?

I need to simulate it in multisim, provide right calculations and why i used and make a list of the components. Thats the only way i will get apprenticeship position in my company (my boss is very ... well). I only completed level 2 engineering with basic stuff and we used crocodile clips. I dont know yet too much theory behind it.

I don't have too much time left, please help. I read about it, i can draw a circuit but i dont know components and i am struggling with mathematical calculations.

  • \$\begingroup\$ The question is too broad. We are not going to hand you a design. Voting to close. \$\endgroup\$ – Charles Cowie Oct 3 at 22:14
  • \$\begingroup\$ This isn't a good task for someone inexperienced in offline power conversion. \$\endgroup\$ – John D Oct 4 at 0:02

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