I am using Eagle 9.5.1 premium and I cannot figure out how to create a layer stack to use Via pairs from (say we consider a 4-layer PCB) 1-2, 1-15, 1-16 using only through holes, since my design definitely does not need blind Vias.

Naively, I thought that the definition (1*2*15*16) would do the job but it simply does not, since Eagle misses the definition for the layers in between.

I am really looking forward for inputs that lead to a solution, since I haven't had such issues with older versions.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Maybe I'm not understanding what you are asking, but doesn't the default 1-16 work to create a via that goes through all stack-up layers? It should automatically connect all like-named signals that it encounters in each layer, is that what you are wanting (or want to avoid)? \$\endgroup\$ – Ron Beyer Oct 8 '19 at 12:37
  • \$\begingroup\$ Dear Ron, yes and no. I figured out that after having had a layer stack using blind Vias and changing this in an existing (finished) board design was not taking action. Thus, I had to draw the board again from scratch. Now I am going to look more carefully. Thanks for your reply. Best regards, Thomas \$\endgroup\$ – Thomas Kaltenbacher Oct 9 '19 at 12:12

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