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I've been leaning working on using and interfacing a microcontroller with an HT1622 + a custom segmented LCD. IMO the datasheet of the IC is very small and left me confused ; is the interface SPI ? UART ? GPIO and PWM (manually) ? . I've searched alot and found several tutorials and github libraries and they seem to not use the SPI feature.

So far (DATA) is MOSI , CS is "CS" , WR is SCLK and RD is MISO ? :-.

Any helpful advice/thoughts would make a world of difference. Thanks in advance.

Note : I've included some of my findings, hopefully someone might add in the missing pieces.

  1. Datasheet
  2. Arduino Uno example code
  3. Arduino tutorial for a chinese HT1621+LCD module
  4. Another Tutorial on module

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