I am trying to run PSpice netlist in SIMetrix .cir and it says

NOT valid mode type SIMetrix from Netlist, do we have to add any command other than this.




The problem lies in the second parameter of the diode model, the Emission coefficient N (better known as ideality factor or quality factor).

In the Shockley diode equation, this ideality factor is often written with a lower case n.
$$ I=I_S \left( e^{ \frac {V_{\text{D}}}{nV_{\text{T}}}}-1 \right) $$

N typically varies from 1 to 2 (though can in some cases be higher), depending on the fabrication process and semiconductor material.

The default value of N is 1, the case of an "ideal" diode.
It should not be smaller than 1.

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