it is L476RG, I read the reference manual, I tried to read a 3.2v dc signal, I use HAL_ADCEx_Calibration_Start(&hadc1,ADC_SINGLE_ENDED); int vdda=HAL_ADCEx_Calibration_GetValue(&hadc1,ADC_SINGLE_ENDED); HAL_ADC_Start(&hadc1); HAL_ADC_PollForConversion(&hadc1, 100); int digital_result = HAL_ADC_GetValue(&hadc1); HAL_ADC_Stop(&hadc1);

the vdda = 69 from the HAL_ADCEx_Calibration_GetValue function, digital_result=948; then I use formula float real_volt=vdda/4095.0*digital_result; I got a 15.9v result, where am I wrong? it is 12 bit ADC and single-ended.

Another interesting thing is, this is 12 bit ADC, but HAL_ADC_GetValue return a uint32_t, so sometimes this return value is very large, such as 65505 for a 2.4v input, there is no offset so the data should be no-sign, shall I directly extract the 12 bits on the right (right-aligned)?

enter image description here enter image description here

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    \$\begingroup\$ Have you read the Reference Manual It tells you how to set the ADC reference voltage, and how to adjust the resolution (trading off conversion time). \$\endgroup\$ – The Photon Nov 5 '19 at 4:28
  • \$\begingroup\$ To be fair, that's the most complicated ADC I've seen on a $6 microcontroller. \$\endgroup\$ – The Photon Nov 5 '19 at 4:32
  • \$\begingroup\$ thanks for your reply, I did not find this manual before, I am reading it, suppose I could set the reference voltage to 3.3v, then how to convert the digital values? \$\endgroup\$ – adam Nov 5 '19 at 4:46
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    \$\begingroup\$ It depends how you set the resolution and over-sampling. Whether you choose left or right justification, etc. \$\endgroup\$ – The Photon Nov 5 '19 at 4:48
  • \$\begingroup\$ Without the ADC settings this question is not answerable - we use the L451 which has the same ADC implementation (in my understanding) and the results are perfectly fine. \$\endgroup\$ – Arsenal Nov 5 '19 at 7:38


  1. There is a stupid bug mess up the channel configuration. When I switch the channel, I use ADC_ChannelConfTypeDef sConfig and did not initialize all parameters of sConfig except for the channel number.

  2. We found we have to use 3.3v (by guess) as the ref volt, v=digital_result/4096*3.3v

  3. Also, for the calibration we need to enable Verfint Channel in MX

    HAL_ADC_PollForConversion(&hadc1, 100); 
    int digital_result = HAL_ADC_GetValue(&hadc1); 

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