In a binary number, the smallest addressable value is called as a bit.

In a decimal number, the smallest addressable value is called as a digit.

In an octal number, what is the smallest addressable value called as?


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No matter what base system you use it is called a digit.

So if it is not clear from the context and you need/want to emphasize that it is a digit of a number in base 8 representation then call it octal digit.

Note: Also "bit" is just short for "binary digit".

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According to the Obsolete and unusual units section of the Units of information wikipedia page, an octal digit (3 bit word) has been variously described using the terms:

  • tribit, triad, triade, and tribble.

which all fit quite nicely.

Having said that, having been a programmer for over 30 years I have never come across any of these words being used in this sense.

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