I am looking to utilize the USB OTG module of the PIC32MK0512MCF064 and would like to make sure I understand USB as I have not used it and I didn't find a post with my scenario yet. The goal is ultimately to be able to connect to computer and reprogram the PIC using a bootloader, as I see other people here have done here successfully. To do this, I am going to use a micro-AB female port on the board. The pinout is attached, which I believe is the correct connection for it to initially be set as the device (the USBID pin is connected to the ID pin, not GND as it should be for host). schematic of port

My specific questions are:

1) Is there any other components needed (pulldown, pullup resistors) to make USB work? The signal lines in the image go directly to the respectively named ports on the PIC. The chip itself has circuitry inside for it but I am not sure this is sufficient. I'll work on the boot loader later, I just would like to know if the hardware is good to work.

2) If I need to have the device act as host, I would need to output 5 volts on the VBUS line to talk to the component? I've read that people have to boost 3.3V up to 5V with an external component and so I guess the PIC doesn't have the capability to boost to 5V. I have yet to determine a way to switch between 3.3V and 5V, but since I need to act as device I think it is okay if I don't.

Thank you for any help on this topic.

The USB page is attached below for easy reference. The data sheet link is attached as well. PIC32MK Datasheet

USB description

[![USB diagram][4]][4]


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