So I want to use the VNH5019 motor Controller shield for the Arduino Uno for a project. My question regarding this is the voltage of the motors. Since they differ from motor to motor I'm not sure which voltage works with the VNH5019. I haven't found any data in the regarding data sheet. Is there a way to tell the controller the max voltage that the motors could handle or how does this work? I'm quite new to this topic so any help is appreciated!


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I think you should do it the other way around.

  • First decide what maximum voltage the motor must be running on (this could be the rated voltage or lower if you want that).
  • Just apply this voltage to the VNH5019 motor Controller board as shown below indicated with motor power, but make sure this applied voltage is within the limits 5.5V to 24V.
  • Using PWM you can vary the voltage that the board applies to the motor, ranging from 0V to applied voltage.

enter image description here


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