Using a CD4060 IC I’ve built a crystal oscillator circuit similar to the one in the image. I’m trying to use my klein mm400 multimeter to measure the oscillation frequency so I can get a rough estimate.

Where should I be placing the probes in that net? I’ve tried placing both across a resistor connected to the output pin, but the meter always reads 60Hz.

Perhaps the messy wires are disturbing the probes? This circuit looks horrendous because I don’t have any resistors larger than 1M.. I should really cut these cables too to shorten them.

picture of my messy circuit This is not my actual schematic but my circuit is set up the same way. I am using 22pF caps, 47k for Rs schematic

Update: My circuit is now corrected and oscillates reliably but the multimeter still has the same issue. Read my answer down below to see my new circuit.

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