I am using code composer studio and using the microcontroller below, I used Energia software to run a simple program and it runs, but when I use CCS and try to flash an example program for this MCU provided by ti , it gives me an error message . I think that problem is from target configuration file .

In the target configuration file : I set the connection Stellaris In-Circuit Debug interface, and Board or Device : Tiva TM4C1294NCPDT.

Then this window pops up:

enter image description here



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I realized what I've to do. I need root privilege,so I have to update the .desktop file of code composer.

$ nano 'Code Composer Studio 9.2.0.desktop'

I edited the file to be :

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Code Composer Studio 9.2.0
Comment=Launches CCStudio
Exec=sudo /home/abdo/ti/ccs920/ccs/eclipse/ccstudio

then, it works properly.


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