I'm looking for a overdischarge protection circuit for two 18650 in series. Preferably not a module. Discharge current is max 1mA. Charging is done in a separate charger

My situation is a circuit with a power consumption of avg [email protected]. I would like to use 18650 batteries for a long runtime and ability to recharge. To use these batteries a undervoltage protection is recommended. Now I'm looking for a way to tackle this. A circuit with self low power consumption that shuts down the battery-connection at a reasonable voltage level.

Can this maybe a solution?

-The BQ296xxx family has a self-disable function to turnoff the regulated output if any cell voltage falls below a certain threshold,thereby preventing drain on the battery,and provides an external control to enable or disable the regulated output.

page 15 http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/bq2962.pdf



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